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The Lectures of Passion for Knowledge bring together speakers from different disciplines, cultures and thinking to engage the public with stories of personal exploration. Several Nobel laureates and world-leading experts will show their passion for knowledge and deep commitment to research. They will speak about the key moments, developments, challenges and implications of their research and works. The Lectures will combine scientific rigour and entertainment to awake the curiosity, the interest, the enthusiasm and critical thinking of the public at large.

The list of confirmed guest speakers includes:

Bernando Atxaga

Aaron Ciechanover

Juan Ignacio Cirac

Claude Cohen-Tannoudji

Luis De Pablo

Sylvia A. Earle

Richard Ernst

Theodor Hänsch

Dudley Herschbach

Roald Hoffmann

Robert S. Langer

Jean-Marie Lehn 

Sir John Pendry 

Heinrich Rohrer 

Frank Wilczek 

Ada Yonath



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